CFS Award Announcement:

Capitol Funding Solutions Celebrates $352 Million in Tax Credit Allocations with 100% Success Rate

April 17, 2024

     Washington, DC – Capitol Funding Solutions (CFS) proudly announces that all four applications submitted by our team for the 48C program have been awarded, securing a remarkable total of $352,052,040 in tax credit allocations. This achievement underscores the unwavering dedication and unparalleled expertise of our writing team, whose meticulous approach and collaborative efforts have set a new standard for success in competitive funding applications. 

     Funded by the Inflation Reduction Act, the Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credit (48C) Program is jointly managed by the Department of Energy and Department of the Treasury. Tax credits were awarded to projects that will expand clean energy manufacturing and recycling, critical materials refining, processing and recycling, and projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at industrial facilities. The demand for these credits was exceptionally high, with initial proposals seeking a total of $42 billion in tax credits. After an extensive review process, only $4 billion was allocated to 100 projects, highlighting the competitiveness and rigor of the selection process. 

     These recent awards mark a significant milestone in Capitol Funding Solutions' growth and success in the energy sector. Since our start in 2022, CFS has successfully secured hundreds of millions in competitive funding from the Department of Energy, enabling our energy clients to realize their projects and contribute to a sustainable future. Our commitment to excellence in proposal writing and our deep understanding of the intricacies of competitive funding have consistently positioned us as a trusted partner for energy companies seeking to innovate and drive positive change in the industry. We look forward to continuing to support our clients in achieving their goals and making lasting contributions to the advancement of clean energy solutions. 


Note: Prior to certification, law prohibits the §48C(e) program from providing identifying information about the recipients or their projects without the applicant’s consent. Thus, CFS has opted to keep the recipients confidential until it is made public by the Department or the recipient. 



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Samantha Benthien— Strategic Communications Manager 

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